Anyway, To whome it may concern, meaing whoever gives a shit and stalks my livejournal

The "poetry" below was a joke between a friend an I. We were on AOL Instant Messenger emulating and making fun of gothic emotional kids who write dark poems for attention. I copy and pasted it from an IM conversation and took out my Screen Name. The shit I wrote was for comedic value, I'm sure a few of you want nothing more than to make me out to be some psychotic maniac ticking time bomb but everyone who knows me knows this is simply untrue. Sorry to disapoint you yo.

reality as you know it is just a dab of paint on my infinite palette, i will re design your mind

i am the essence of superiority
i will drag you beneath the level of sanity
through a maze of timeless odyssey
and back to where you came from
with part of your soul torn and abused
you now belong to me
i am the keeper of mortals
the reducer of the insuperior
you do not belong on my planet
the ground you balance your disgusting body on is the surface of my mind
don't you fucking step on me

yo yo yo yo yo

some shit yo

im drunk first of all, but i'm not an alcoholic kids

::lights up a cig::

met some cats on my travels, had times i'll never forget but it's time for me to head back to my life in the sticks.. got myself stuck there and i ain't a fuckin coward so that's that.. it's a wrap, should have been wrapped but i'm a dumbass herb.

i ain't the smartest fool in the universe but i got a good head on my shoulders and i'll be alright if i start taking care of myself..

been meditating, writing lyrical poetry, programming, breathing code

thug life ho

spring time is almost here, i'm reborn every spring and become myself again


bday coming soon, i'll be 19 in 4 months..

life flies by when you age, being a kid.. it's like you were trapped in time.. you couldn't wait to grow up.. you thought school was the stress point of life and everything comes together as an adult.. as you become an adult and view your past and regret your mistakes it does nothing but fill your head with madness.. all the drugs, head injuries, scumbags i associated with, everything takes a toll on you

fuck tweeds
fuck life
one love
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you tried everything, but you don't give up....

don't wanna fall for it, but in this case what could i do?
so now i'm back to making promises trying to keep it true

about to lose my composure im getting close
to packing up and leaving notes and getting ghost

now he left you with scars tears on your pillow and you still stay
as you sit and pray hoping the beating will go away
it wasnt always a hit and run relationship
it used to be love happiness and companionship

remember when i treated u good, i moved u up to the hills
out the ills of the ghetto hood

me and u a happy home, when it was on
i had a love to call my own

i should have seen you was trouble but i was lost, trapped in your eyes
pre occupied with gettin' tossed, no need to lie

i wanna take ur misery, replace it with happiness but i need ur faith in me
im a sucka for love

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you've made a grave mistake, you shouldn't have come here - you've changed your fate - ftw

my friend Blink works at 911 dispatch, here's a screen shot i had him take

after you click that link, you can access / for some elite screen shots...

anyway, i ordered a harddrive converter a few days ago for my broken laptop's hd.. that means i can plug my laptop hd into the converter and view the files on my desktop pc. joe and matt were over here and joe ripped my laptop apart like godzilla.. sometime this week or next week i'll have all the old files from my lappy back.. i can't wait..

oh shit, i'm probably boring you huh? suck my dick, i don't even care about you.

i hit up balloons in rhode island with matt last saturday to watch some whore ass strippers with no respect for themselves.. i had no idea the broads would be bending over and playing with themselves exposing their ass and twats in such a graphic manor.. i was mad impressed with my first visit to a strip club

i'm out of cigarettes.. it's 4:20 in the morning.. (this isn't some sort of cool joke for you to notice, if you're a pothead you should be ashamed of yourself you lazy drain on society.. you remind me of my past self just wasting away to nothing, get realistic, marijuana is for children) i wanted to go to bed at midnight or earlier so i could wake up and go visit somebody up north.. you wanna talk about needing to bite your tounge? people enrage me, when i stop coming online it's because i'm in jail for life or i got killed by cops during a murder spree.

people that threaten me crack me up, don't they know about me yet?

don't you?

if not, i'll tell you about myself real quick

i don't care about anything or anyone.. ever since my heart got broken i turned into a mindless zombie slowly traveling new england to rediscover myself and hopefully become kevin again. i sit in a zoned out state of mind as i have learned to turn my entire self contiousness off. when you are 18 and all your family and friends have turned their backs on you, you know you're a sick and grimey motherfucker. i'm destined for prison, i give people anxiety, i'm a schitzofrenic lunatic and a self proclaimed threat everything moral.

last week i was driving home from dan's crib in RI with my broken ass whip.. the tires on my car aren't securely on and they wobble from side to side when i'm driving.. they are eventually going to fall off and send me to my casket thrashed up and mangled in a pile of deceased insanity. anyway, i didn't go under 90mph the whole way home and hit speeds of 115mph.. my car was shaking back and forth and i was blasting some mobb deep i think.. i love the rush of knowing i am most likely going to die.. i remember when i had a heartattack/stroke from adderall and cocaine two summers ago and i felt myself slipping out of life.. a lot of my soul left my body that day and didn't fully return.. i did not love that feeling.. the feeling of "i am going to die today" when it's totally unexpected.. "holy shit, i'm going to die at 16" i was thinking.. read some of the first posts on this journal, look at how stupid i was.. i dedicated my life to drugs and alcohol and hanging out with a bunch of lost souls who are doomed to go nowhere with their lives. at the time i was living for the moment, hell, i was like "shit i'm only going to be 16/17 once, fuck the world woo" and now look at me.. i'm 18 1/2, kicked out of my mom's house, then kicked out of my dad's house and living in boston ma and i have an 8 month pregnant ex girlfriend who enjoys ganging up on me with her friends and talking a ton of shit on aol instant messenger in her spare time sitting around in NH awaiting my comeback to the area so she can continue to fuck my life up and complicate shit as awfully as she can.. i was nice enough to remove some truthful comments i placed in a prior post about my situation with her and she repays that kindness with threats that i'll never see my daughter, etc.. we have some slutbag named tina who used to be obsessed and cut db's name into her arm saying some fucked up shit like

KmE (1:51:48 PM): IM around now
KmE (1:51:48 PM): so
KmE (1:51:51 PM): the time you would have
KmE (1:51:54 PM): that will be my time
KmE (1:52:08 PM): your never around now
KmE (1:52:14 PM): what makes us think you will be then

can you say lesbian? she thinks she's going to raise my kid or something? i really didn't know what to make of this crap.. but seriously, all i can tell you guys is that i got involved with the wrong shit..

you stupid broads can suck my dick and quit threatening me with unrealistic drama

it's your fault i got kicked out of my mom's house in the first place

who was on the phone instigating me to get pissed off all day? YOU

don't act like i owe you any kindness, i don't start shit with you, you start it with me. fuck your attitudes, respect me and i'll respect you... and don't poke your nose where it doesn't belong te

fuck maine

fuck all my old friends, fuck you all. you weren't my friends anyway, you were some phoney ass people as twisted in the mind as myself with no hearts. you all combined together and succeeded in turning me into cold pieces of shit like yourselves.

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dead in the middle of little italy

well first of all, some kid is going to try to kill this awesome livejournal i've had for years.. so now i'm going to be forced to pwn him along with his friend on 'gasp'
Im High: who wants to see me
Im High: get his livejournal suspended
anyway, forget that e-drama... this was a lame post so i'm going to make another one

"fuck the police, i squeeze first, make 'em eat dirt
take 'em feet first to the mourge and launch 'em in the deep earth"
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